Conveyancing / Property Law – An Overview

Conveyancing / Property Law – An Overview

Conveyancing refers to the areas of law which deal with the purchase, sale, leasing and rental of land and property.

Those who are engaged in a property transaction will need to seek the services of a conveyancing solicitor to assist with the process. We at Flanagan & Little are trained and fully qualified conveyancing solicitors and have helped numerous clients with their property transactions. Below we have outlined some important points regarding conveyancing / property law.

What Is The Cost Of Conveyancing?

The cost of conveyancing will vary depending on the specifications of the transaction. When seeking our services for conveyancing, we will provide clients with an outline of our fees which will include a quotation that details fees together with the VAT charged and any Search and Land Registry fees.

Who Can Do Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is incredibly important, as the validity and legality of the property transaction is dependent upon the administrative and conveyancing work. As such, conveyancing needs to be carried out by a licensed professional who is well versed in property law. In order to legally practice conveyancing, a solicitor is required to have a practice certificate from the Irish Law Society and renew it annually.

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