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Filing a Claim for Personal Injury *: How Can Flanagan & Little Solicitors Help?

When it comes to lawsuits, personal injury * refers to the damage sustained to a person's body, mind or emotions following an event.

Oftentimes, when a customer of ours sustains an injury their first thought is: what should I do?
In this blog, we will discuss what an injured party should do immediately following an injury.

What types of injury can a victim claim compensation for?

Most personal injury solicitors * deal with cases involving

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Injuries at work
  • Injuries in a public place

The team at Flanagan & Little Solicitors can help with these personal injury * claims, helping you file for a claim following any of these events.

Road traffic accidents

If you’ve suffered a road traffic accident personal injury * it’s important to take the following steps immediately after the accident:

  • Report the road traffic accident to the Gardai
  • Get the name, address and insurance number of the other driver involved in the accident
  • If possible, take photos of the damage to your car and the other driver's car. Try to take photos of any visible damage to your body, too including wounds, bruises, and scars.
  • Gather the contact information of witnesses
  • Keep a written record of all expense you have incurred due to the accident
  • Do not under any circumstances use social media to inform others of your claim, as this may undermine your credibility

Injuries at work

  • If you’ve suffered an injury * in the workplace and want to file a claim, we recommend that you take the following steps.
  • Report the accident to your employer ASAP. Inform them of the cause of the accident and report all injured sustained
  • Take photos of where the accident occurred and the injuries that you have sustained
  • Visit your local doctor to get a medical record of all of your injuries
  • Do not use social media to discuss your workplace accident claim with anyone else.

Accidents in a Public Place

“I’ve been injured in an accident in a public place. What should I do?”

If you have suffered a personal injury * in a public place we recommend you do the following:

  • Report the accident to the local authority or government body. If you don’t know who this authority is, get in touch with Flanagan & Little Solicitors who can provide assistance. Injuries in a public place can be caused by simple things like a wet floor or broken pavement.
  • Take pictures of the area where the accident occurred and of your injuries sustained.
  • Visit a doctor for a record of your injuries
  • Gather the contact information of all the witnesses who saw the accident
  • Do not use social media to inform others of your personal injury claim

For more information on personal injury claims * please get in contact with our personal injury solicitors* today.


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