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What you should know when choosing the right solicitor when buying or selling a home.

Quite often, the largest financial transaction a person will make in their lifetime is purchasing their home. As a major milestone in life, it is important to ensure that you are correctly advised and guided when making such a transaction. Therefore, the solicitor you employ during this time should be one you trust and have faith in. Whilst having a solicitor by your side when purchasing a home is important, it is also relative when selling a home as well. 

It is advisable to establish contact with a solicitor before even looking to purchase a new home because as soon as you want to place an offer on any property, the estate agent will request the details of your solicitor. It is important to do your search when choosing a solicitor as conveyancing charges may vary. You can use the Law Society’s website to find a solicitor in your area. 

Your solicitor is required to be involved in numerous steps of the buying and selling process. If you are a buyer, your solicitor has to ensure the following:

  1. That your mortgage offer from your lender is examined thoroughly and that the future homeowner is aware of the terms & conditions therein 
  2. That the contract of your new home is fair and checked accordingly 
  3. That all queries have been raised on the title of the property, covering aspects such as planning permission, boundaries, and easements, which is a term referring to the right a property owner may have over adjoining property or land. 
  4. That the title of the new property is in order and registered 
  5. The purchase deed is drafted correctly and sent to the lender 
  6. The homeowner's loan cheque is furnished from the lender 
  7. Stamp duty is paid 

If you are a seller, your solicitor should work with you to:

  1. Draft the contract for sale 
  2. Gather all relevant title documents for the purchaser's solicitor 
  3. Approve the deed drafted by the purchaser's solicitor 
  4. Furnish sufficient replies to Requisitions on Title 
  5. Draft all relevant completion documents 

In addition to the above, if looking to purchase a home through a public auction, look for a solicitor with experience in this as they will need to either accompany you to the auction or investigate the property you are interested in before. Your solicitor should check all title documents of the property and take the necessary precautions before you attend the auction. 

If you are searching for a solicitor with years of conveyancing experience, get in touch! Mary Flanagan and Mairead Little of Flanagan & Little both have years of experience helping new homeowners with their home purchasing process. 


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