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Receiving Compensation After a Road Traffic Accident- Our Tips

Experiencing a road traffic accident can be an extremely distressing and traumatic event, especially when you are left injured.

Not only is this a painful and upsetting experience, but the cost of medical bills and loss of income after an accident can be devastating for a victim. Despite the physical and emotional turmoil that a road traffic accident can cause, car insurance is a legal requirement, meaning that if you’ve been injured after being in an accident, you could be entitled to compensation to alleviate some of the financial strain. If you’re wondering how to go about being compensated after a road traffic accident, the team at Flanagan & Co Solicitors are here to help.


What To Do After The Accident

Right after experiencing a road traffic accident, it’s important to take the details of the other party/parties involved if the collision included multiple cars. In serious cases, emergency services should be called, whereby a member of An Garda Siochana will take any details required for insurance companies and solicitors involved. By collecting this information, a legal case can be created to ascertain who was responsible for the accident and, in turn, whose insurance company will be paying out for the cost of damages caused. Many road traffic accident cases can run smoothly with just this information for the insurance company and liason between the parties involved and their insurance providers. When things run this way, the case is closed quickly and seamlessly with both parties satisfied.


Uninsured Accidents

Despite car insurance being a legal requirement in Ireland, some accidents can and do happen whereby a driver is not be insured. This is where things can get messy and solicitors may need to get involved. In these cases, uninsured motorists may be obliged to pay all damages out of their own pocket, including damage to their own vehicle and the other person’s vehicle, as well as medical expenses, and loss of income. Flanagan & Co Solicitors offers a range of Dublin road traffic accident solicitor services to clients, including uninsured accident solicitors to motorists caught in this situation. When tricky cases such as this arise, it’s important to hire the help of a professional personal injury * solicitor specialising in road traffic accidents to help your case have the best outcome for all parties involved.


How Our Road Traffic Accident Solicitors Can Help

As mentioned above, hiring the help of a solicitor can be beneficial when you’ve experienced an uninsured motor accident both as the uninsured party and/or the party that has been involved in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist. Another reason that many people hire the help of a professional personal injury * solicitor after an accident is when the case goes to court and they require legal representation to help receive the correct compensation that they are entitled to. If a case is being disputed, or a party is unhappy with the outcome, a personal injury * solicitor can also be of great help to assist you in bringing the case further and getting more compensation where necessary.


All in all, hiring a professional Dublin personal injury * solicitor can be extremely beneficial to the overall ease and seamlessness of your road traffic accident case, allowing you to focus on what matters- getting back to full health and healing physically and emotionally.


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