Road Traffic Accident Solicitor

Flanagan & Little Solicitors is one of Ireland's most experienced road traffic accident solicitors. For over two decades, we have assisted clients involved in road traffic accidents.

Our team of solicitors specialise in all types of road traffic accidents.

We have helped clients injured in various accidents get the legal recourse they deserve.

A road traffic accident can leave victims with severe injuries that have long-lasting consequences. An injury can leave a victim with long-term pain, long convalesces and potentially lost earnings due to not being able to work. Medical bills can put further financial pressure on the injured party.

A road traffic accident claim is designed to offset these potential costs.

Considering making a road accident claim? Please schedule a consultation with our Car Accident Solicitors today.

Proceeding with the MIBI following a Road Traffic Accident


For the best professional car accident solicitors in Dublin, please contact Flanagan & Little Solicitors today. We have years of experience representing clients injured in road traffic accidents.


Our road traffic accident solicitors specialise in accidents involving road users. We have represented car drivers, lorry drivers, cyclists, etc. Whatever the nature of the accident, we make sure you're rights are protected.


We understand how distressing being involved in a car accident can be. Therefore we make every effort to make clients feel as comfortable as possible. We explain the details of your case and your legal options in plain English, making sure you have all the correct information to make an informed decision.

Road Traffic Accident Solicitor FAQ