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We share some legal facts about getting a divorce in Ireland & why it is important to have legal advice.

It has been 23 years since Ireland voted for divorce, and while there is speculation around another Divorce referendum expected to be held in November 2018, Ireland’s legislation around divorce and its legal requirements can be a grey area for some. In this blog, we highlight the key facts that you should be aware of when divorcing in Ireland.

1. This goes without saying but, in order to legally divorce, you must be first legally married.

2. You can’t get an Irish divorce unless at least one spouse is domiciled in the Republic or has lived in the country for a year before bringing proceedings.

3. The current legislation requires couples to live apart for four years (i.e. be separated) out of the preceding five before they can initiate divorce proceedings.

4. At Flanagan & Little Solicitors, we can represent your interests and help you deal with all of the legal consequences which might arise. We can help to negotiate a separation agreement, on terms that are mutually satisfactory. In the case of marital breakdown we will represent you in separation or divorce proceedings and in any property transactions that may arise.In order to be divorced an application must be made to Court. Various Orders can be made dealing with custody, access, maintenance, division of property, succession rights and pension adjustment Orders.

An important point to note is that legal advice is really required when seeking a divorce. When seeking a solicitor, ensure that you speak with an experience family law solicitor, who is conscious of the long term consequences for you and your family, especially if you are considering your options.

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